Butterfly Parts


I had a lesson plan.

  • Insect books to share with “The Little Peeps”
  • A drawing of a butterfly, Names of body parts included
  • June’s Play Dough
  • Butterfly “cookie cutters”

Our day starts with a “meet & greet”, which I find, gets ALL OF US thinking in unison. Sharing stories of the week etc. with the person that is speaking, taking the floor.” Everyone else, listen please. Next, it is my turn to introduce them to WHAT we will be doing this Friday & HOW we will go about accomplishing our


I showed them the drawing I had done of the butterfly parts & we talked about it. EVERYONE was animated & had questions & were engrossed. My thought: EVERYTHING is made up of parts. SOOOOOO.. start with the basic parts , not to confuse, not to overwhelm,

But just enough to “wet the learning¬†whistle.”¬†

We headed to our tables where each “Little Peep”colored a Monarch Butterfly.

Then, the kids were handed play dough, a rolling pin, & a butterfly cookie cutter. GREAT STUFF, homemade play dough.

“Well,” I thought, “let’s take a pencil & use the point & press it into the dough to leave marks. Don’t forget the eraser for eyes !!”

Learning is fun!!!


  • Birds DO NOT eat Monarch Butterflies
  • As they taste BAD (that is because the caterpillars eat milkweed!!)