It’s Spring!

It is SPRING  and we are TOTALLY ABSORBED into the season.

We started our flowers last week and they are “looking good.”

We gathered at the whiteboard to talk about Spring & to comprise list entitled:  SIGNS OF SPRING.

1) Emerging leaf buds/flower buds

2) Birds returning to nest

3) Skunk cabbage

4) The earth warming

5) Longer daylight

6) The sweet fresh smell in the air

We headed outside, down through the wetlands and notice first-hand the telltale signs of spring. YUMMY.

Back inside, we sampled dried kiwi & apricots along with Gouda & blue cheese served with rice crackers.

Mixed reviews about the blue cheese but I expected that.

I am a BIG believer in introducing children to different foods. Take ONE bite & if you don’t like it today, you might someday but it is OKAY!

I have been volunteering with the children for 9 years and I am truly blessed.

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…………….HAPPY SPRING YA’LL……………….