Vitamins 4 Plants

We spent our time today learning about the importance of COMPOST.  

All week long we gathered vegetable & fruit peels at the day care. Ditty brought in coffee grounds and egg shells to augment our “treasure trove.”

Outside we went to the “Big Garden” to “borrow” dirt  to incorporate into the compost.COMPOSTING RECIPE

Start with a large Clear empty plastic bottle. (I used 4 large seltzer bottles.)

Take an exacto knife & cut AROUND  the bottle, one third down from the top. Leave about one quarter to act as a hinge.

Layer soil, leaves, grass, our “kitchen- pickins “ & some organic fertilizer sprinkled on top. Keep making layers & when you get to where you made the cut stop. 

Take some masking tape and secure the two bottle pieces along the severed edge.

Turn the bottle & place in a sunny spot & turn each day for about a month or when all has decomposed and is ready to use.