A Spring Walk

Friday was a great day to be outdoors for a walk. I brought with me a laminated card  which depicted wildflowers found in the northeast.BEFORE going for our walk, the children donned their long white “walking socks.”  Everyone was sprayed with a natural tick deterrent which I found at Conley’s Pharmacy in Ipswich. 

First, we went to our garden to check out our produce and to nibble on Kale.

I was pleasantly surprised, as the children were totally engrossed in finding wildflowers. I took photos of each Wildflower  with the intent of identifying them. We will display them in the back of the classroom along with each plant’s name and flowering time. Very lovely day filled with engrossed energetic children.

NOTE: We stop TWO DIFFERENT times when we walk and each child is checked for ticks & socks are sprayed with the 100% organic insect repellant.  At the completion of our walk, each child is checked BEFORE entering the classroom.