The last two weeks we have learned about: parts of flowers, butteries, & today PARTS OF TREES.

We started with a diagram of a tree done in black  & white. I next labeled key parts of the tree. Copies were made and handed out to all. Now the fun begins !!

Ask a QUESTION  & ALL SORTS OF ANSWERS start emerging.

AHHHH… This is what I am looking for…  Nothing like a “CAPTURED AUDIENCE.”

Proceed to your table, color in the diagram, followed by a “ hands on project” which supports our “Topic  For The Day.” (I had a ball thinking up this one!)

Listen up EVERYONE! We are going to make a tree using edibles okay?


  1. Sheets of foil
  2.  Sunflower seed butter-spread on foil ( glue)
  3. Graham crackers- tree trunk
  4. Licorice-roots
  5. Pretzel sticks- branches
  6. Green gum drops sliced- leaves

I am realizing as time goes on, that when I plant creative thoughts With The Little Peeps , they want to “DO THEIR OWN THING!”

I applaud AND encourage this 100%.

In the final analysis, BEING MINDFUL requires me to tap BOTH HEMISPHERES & that is where we  are every Friday!!

We are having  a TOTAL BALL!!